What Is The T-Tapp Workout?

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T-Tapp is an at-home DVD-based exercise program I’ve used since 2005. I’ve found it great for refining my profile, getting me strong and fit and even cures my insomnia!

The workout was created by Teresa Tapp (hence the name) and it is unique in many ways. Many people want to learn more about it before they buy it so I’ve compiled a series of posts to explain a little more about the type of workout it is.

t tapp, teresa tapp, t tapp total workout, t tapp basic workoutThe posts contains links through the website where you can try exercises before you buy, read success stories and browse the store.

What is T-Tapp? Tapping Teresa Tapp

Tappin’ Teresa Tapp, Founder of T-Tapp, The Best Bang For Your Buck Workout!

Success Story: How T-Tapp Kicked Ass With “Never Seen Before” Results

T-Tapp Workouts: Start Here

Do You Need Special Equipment for T-Tapp?

Insomnia: The T-Tapp Cure

The 3 Different Body Types: Which One Are You and Why You Should Care

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