12 Game-Changing Facts On Healing Your Thyroid Every Tired Person Should Know


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Do you feel like that chap above? Tired, depressed, hopeless. Perhaps you can’t lose weight, you never have enough energy, your first thought every morning is to wonder if you feel well enough to get through the day. Hands down, the most common question I receive is “Help! I’ve been paleo for (fill in any number) of months and I’m not losing any weight”. My response is always tedious and always the same, “Before you do anything else, check your thyroid.”


It never feels very satisfactory to say this but the fact is, the thyroid is so fundamental to the efficient operating of your body, that if it has gone awry, nothing much else in your body will work well. And any attempt to address the presenting problem, be it an inability to lose weight, fatigue, depression, infertility, PMS, constipation or whatever, will be a “band-aid” approach at best. I’ve had my own thyroid challenges over the years off and on, and so it was with great interest that I listened to the presentation by Christa Orecchio, part of the Real Food Con that is running this week.

No double-dipping this time

I listened as I went around the house doing housework – folding laundry, ironing, doing dinner prep – carrying my laptop around as I did so. Double-dipping is one of my favorite activities. Two-fers always feel so good! I was ironing a sheet (can’t beat ironed sheets in my opinion :-)) with the laptop perched on a tea towel on top of the washing machine, when I suddenly realized what a fool I was being! This information was so fantastic, so clearly presented, so outrageously useful and doable, that I realized I should be sitting down, pen in hand, giving it my 100% undivided attention.

Early to rise…

And so it was that I got up at 5am the following day to do just that before the presentation went away. (Real Food Con presentations air for free for 24 hours only.) I spent the hour of 6am – 7am watching and writing, replaying over and over, in order to get everything down. The information was so valuable – for me, for you, for anyone who has ever suspected there was something wrong with their thyroid but who didn’t know what to do about it. 

Greater quality of life beckoned…

If you’re like me, you’ve felt (and perhaps know) that your wonky thyroid has stopped you doing your best work, being your best self, compromising your ability to live your best life. And it pisses you off! At least it would…if you had the energy.

Listen up!

I’m going to share with you some of the salient, most important points from the presentation so you can fix that.  I suggest you put everything down and pay attention. If you have thyroid issues, this could be the most important information you ever receive. (I made twelve pages of notes, so obviously I can’t convey everything I learned here but you can gain your own access to the presentation, along with transcripts, and lots of other goodies by getting an all-access pass to Real Food Con. Make sure you do so soon, because the price will double shortly.) Here are the 12 key takeaways from Christa Orecchio’s Real Food Con presentation:  Using Real Food to Heal the Thyroid. 
  1. The thyroid is a gland located at the front of the neck that acts as the furnace and thermostat of the body. It regulates metabolism, digestion, sensitivity to other hormones, sleep quality, weight management, mood and energy levels. Its optimal functioning is therefore fundamental to the quality of your life.
  2. Depression is the #1 presenting issue for those with an undiagnosed thyroid problem. Christa estimates that 30%-50% of her clients who come to her with depression have, in fact, a thyroid problem. Treatment with anti-depressants is, therefore, missing the point. 27 million Americans are on anti-depressants.
  3. Constipation is a sign of an underactive thyroid (hypothyroid), along with chronic fatigue, cold hands and feet, feeling cold when everyone else in the room is warm, thinning hair and nails, puffy eyes, memory loss and poor concentration. Plus, of course, depression.
  4. Your temperature should be around 98.6 deg. If it is lower than 97.4 deg, you have an under active thyroid. Your pulse rate should be 75 or 80 bpm. Test your temperature and pulse five times a day: on waking, just before bed, and twenty minutes after every meal. If your meal strengthened your metabolism, your temperature will be raised. If the meal weakened your metabolism, your temperature will be lower.
  5. To support thyroid health, avoid: GMO’s (vote with your dollars). Our bodies don’t recognize these foods so we build up antibodies against them. Avoid, like the plague, gluten and soy. US-grown wheat has three times the amount of gluten than wheat from Europe and South America. Gliaden (protein in wheat) triggers the thyroid to attack itself. 50% of Christa’s clients are healed by removing gluten from their diet. Soy blocks the thyroid’s ability to uptake iodine which is necessary for thyroid function (60% of the iodine contained in the body’s is stored in the thyroid.) Fermented soy – tamari, miso, tempeh – is not as bad.
  6. If you have autoimmune disease – Hashimoto’s or Graves’ Disease, eat only cooked goitrogenic foods: cabbage; kale; broccoli; brussel sprouts; peanuts; cauliflower; bok choy; watercress. Goitrogens block the uptake of iodine. And can block the production of thyroid hormone. Cooking inactivates goitrogens.
  7. Thyroid-friendly foods include: seaweed, kelp, onions, artichokes, pineapple. The easiest thing to do is buy kelp flakes from the Asian section of Wholefoods and sprinkle it on your food (1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon). You won’t even taste it.
  8. Selenium is important because it maintains thyroid hormone production. Found in pasture-raised eggs, wild shell fish, crimini mushrooms (not the white button ones), garlic, sunflower seeds and brazil nuts.
  9. Essential fatty acids like Omega 3’s promote thyroid health. Christa likes Green Pastures butter oil/fermented cod liver oil blend supplement; leafy greens (cooked if autoimmune disease present); chia seeds; coconut oil which promotes the quick conversion of nutrients to energy.
  10. Bone broth heals the gut. Make stock from chicken bones, especially the feet that are high in collagen. Broth will help hormones recover from adrenal fatigue. Bone broth drink recipe: 2 tablespoons of hydrolyzed grass-fed gelatin stirred into a mug of bone broth, celtic salt and coconut oil.
  11. Heating up the body before bed will help you get more restful sleep. Create a nighttime ritual twenty minutes before bed: a magnesium oil hot bath, a foot bath with sea salt and magnesium oil, or oil feet with sesame or coconut oil and put on socks. Snack before bed or drink 8-12oz of raw milk to regulate blood sugar and avoid the cortisol spike between 1-4am that people with adrenal issues have.
  12. Food frequency is vital. Eat breakfast – snack – lunch – snack – dinner – snack. The goal is to turn off the stress response (cortisol) that occurs when blood sugar is low. Eat smaller meals, pastured animals, root vegetables, healthy fats to regulate blood sugar.
And there you have it. Interesting, huh? Valuable, most definitely. Easy to implement, absolutely! If you would like to watch the whole presentation yourself and get the full value of Christa’s knowledge about the thyroid (I counted at least 25 major points in all), you can do so by gaining an all-access pass to Real Food Con. Click here to do that. Christa also has a comprehensive online course for anyone with thyroid issues who would like to go deeper into thyroid healing. But be quick because she will be closing the sales cart down on 11/3. Christa Orecchio, is a clinical and holistic nutritionist and founder of  The Whole Journey, a private nutrition practice and informational website established to help people live healthier, happier and more energetic lives through whole food nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

This course closes to new enrollments on 11/3!


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