The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD


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the paleo approach
Sarah hasn’t written a book here, she’s written an encyclopedia. This is a massive book, 432 pages, full color and fully indexed.


The Paleo Approach details in enormous, um, detail her recommended approach using mostly diet to stem the symptoms of autoimmune disease.
Except that it’s much more than this.
This book is about the body: how the immune system works; blood sugar regulation; leaky gut; possibly the most comprehensive run down of the hormonal system I’ve read in a popular book.
Really it’s so comprehensive I cannot do it justice in a simple book review. 
Sarah has a Ph.D. in medical biophysics and unlike many paleo books, this has a list of references, a glossary, and some great tables for easy reference. I have spoken to Sarah many times via email and she is incredibly thorough, responsive, and unswervingly pleasant. This book reflects that.
This is not a beginner book, and in other ways it is. It’s quite science-y and dense in places; that reflects the complexity of the topic. It is a beginner book in that you can find out what you need to get going and it will take you all the way along the path to remission.

Endlessly fascinating

I have studied this subject for years now but was jumping all over the place as I reviewed the table of contents and the index. The text kept me having interesting thoughts that I just had to follow up in another part of the book.

My favorite parts: 

  • Hunger Hormones: The Key Players
  • When Is What In Season
  • Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Fatty Acids
  • Navigating Spices
  • Trouble Shooting
There is so much information here that I challenge anyone not to find something useful in here, autoimmune sufferer or not.
If you have autoimmune disease, I recommend you invest in this book and dip in and out, reading the parts that interest you the most. Understand that you are buying it for the long term, to read and refer to as you learn more about your disease. It’s not a “one-time-read-front-to-back-and-pass-it-on” kind of a book.
TPAC-Final-front-cover-sm2The Paleo Approach is so comprehensive, you don’t need another book to explain your autoimmune condition, understand what you need to do, and why you need to do it. The only thing you might need is a recipe book and Sarah has one of those coming out very shortly (August 26th). In the m8673990300_15f16cd8ef_c-214x300eantime, use Mickey Trescott’s. 🙂




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