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I have talked loudly and often about T-Tapp. In my book, The Modern, No-Nonsense Guide to Paleo, I describe it as my “go-to” workout. With T-Tapp, I and countless others have seen significant improvements in our fitness in a very short space of time.

Shortly after a late miscarriage in 2005, T-Tapp cinched in my significant “bump” within two weeks, a fact for which I will be forever grateful, and since then I have made the DVDs the basis of my workout schedule.

Teresa Tapp, the founder, was the first person to enter my consciousness with the “less is more” mantra with respect to exercise and what I like most about T-Tapp, apart from the results, is the fact it takes very little time.

Precise, comprehensive movements work the muscles deeply and effectively and fifteen minutes a day has been my approach to fitness for years now.

But there were still things I wanted to know about T-Tapp so when I got the chance to interview Teresa, I jumped at the chance. If you’re curious about T-Tapp, read on, check out T-Tappers results on her website and don’t forget to share this post with your friends because we all need to save time, get fit, save money.

Teresa, how did T-Tapp come about? What is the story behind T-Tapp?
God-given from life experience and personal injury. As a young girl my mother died from cancer, in high school I hurt my lower back, in college my body was challenged with a lymphatic “issue”, and as an adult I have had various health “issues”. All of which have given me great insight and understanding to how powerful muscle activation and lymphatic function is for overall health and fitness, as well as how powerful the words “Yes You Can” are because the human body is an amazing machine that CAN rebuild and repair with mindful movement.

I always say that T-Tapp gives you the most comprehensive workout in terms of bang for your buck and time. How would you describe T-Tapp?
T-Tapp is a brain-body fitness workout that I created to help everyone maximize muscle activation, circulation and lymphatic health, regardless of age. Every exercise of mindful movement is specifically designed to improve strength, flexibility and heart health, as well as increase energy and decrease inflammation.

Its special sequence of mindful movements combined with leverage isometrics will help your body rebuild from the inside out, improve posture and build better balance. No weight, no equipment, no impact and no need to increase sets or repetitions.

This progressive workout delivers MORE results in LESS time and will continue to challenge as you get stronger and more flexible. It’s the workout that helps you stand taller, look and feel better so “Yes You Can” be “Fit and Fab Forever”.

Can you explain what you mean when you say that T-Tapp works ‘from the inside out?’
With T-Tapp Method, everything centers on the spine. Full fiber muscle activation of multiple muscles with equal tension from origin to insertion creates comprehensive development from all the muscles that attach from your spine-to-shoulder and spine-to-hip.

Additional focus to “tuck tailbone under and curl the core” along with knees aiming out creates comprehensive activation of the transverse abdominus and pelvic floor.

Since this type of muscle activation is sustained within every exercise throughout T-Tapp workouts, core muscle density develops and muscle imbalances become more balanced at a faster rate than traditional workouts. Greater internal activation along the spine also equals faster inch loss on the outside, thus the phrase “rebuild your body from the inside out”.

You seemed to hit on the message that ‘less is more’ and consistency is the key in terms of exercise before anyone I know. What led you to that realization?
Understanding exercise science and how the human body operates as a “machine”, as well as being “tuned in” to how my body “feels” during execution.

The question I always get asked is “Which workout do I buy?” How do you answer that question?
Actually, that depends on each person’s goals. Most people are looking to lose one or two sizes, improve heart health, strength and flexibility, as well as metabolism and lymphatic function so we recommend our 15-minute workout program called Basic Workout Plus – or the Total Workout, which includes 15-minute Basic Workout Plus as well as the 45-minute Total Workout. Both of these workouts are featured in the book, Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes, with detailed pictures and written instructions.

However, we do offer other programs for those who have more health issues or more weight to lose. The T-Tapp MORE Rehab Program contains 5 workouts (20 minutes or less) that progressively help the body repair and rebuild from the inside out. T-Tapp MORE – Level 2 is slightly more challenging. Both MORE programs feature a Chair workout, 2 walking workouts (one using a household broom to help intensify muscle activation and achieve greater better posture) and a standing MORE workout that is a variation of Total Workout that has been tweaked to help the body not take path of least resistance.

We also offer two workouts specifically created for people who seek better “healthy hormone balance” (ie: post baby, peri-menopause, menopause and post menopause) as well as thyroid health. Both the Ladybug Workout and the Mindful Movement for Healthy Hormones, Thyroid and Menopause Management DVD’s provide extra focus on full fiber muscle activation and body alignment, as well as lymphatic flow, for optimal results. Both help your body “balance imbalance” (muscle imbalance, endrocrine imbalance, hormone imbalance and brain-body imbalance).

We also offer two walking workouts called Step Away the Inches and Step it to the Max which not only deliver a highly effective head-to-toe inch loss workout, BUT they also teach how to use the T-Tapp Method of Muscle Activation while walking throughout the day, on a treadmill or with other walking workouts.

Last of all, I just released a new workout called Senior Fit that’s NOT just for seniors. This brain-body fitness program is SAFE for seniors but is probably one of the most effective inch-loss workouts offered in the fitness industry today. In addition to never allowing the body to take “the path of least resistance,” it also puts a lot of focus on fascia fitness, heart health, bone health, muscle balance and core density, as well as improving one’s strength and flexibility, all of which translates to faster results (inside and out)!

Personally, I like to rotate Basic Workout Plus, Barefoot Basic Plus, Tempo Arms and/or Senior Fit workout …and then do Ladybug Workout or Tempo Lower Body on the weekend when I have more time. These workouts are great for those of us who are time-challenged who need to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in how we look and feel!

What workouts would you recommend for those new to T-Tapp?
Basic Workout Plus, Total Workout, T-Tapp MORE or Senior Fit (depends of customer’s personal profile and goals).

I have been doing T-Tapp since 2005 and have worked T-Tapp around my schedule. I have done bootcamps, the full Total Workout DVD (and others) three times a week and even a couple of model blitzes at various times. But now generally I do 15 minutes daily and Hoe Downs before bed. What is your recommended weekly schedule for doing T-Tapp once someone has got through the first weeks?
The beauty of T-Tapp is that the stronger your mind-to-muscle (neuro-kinetic) communication becomes, the more challenging it becomes and the less you need to do it to maintain results. As far as weekly schedules…it all depends on the individual (ie: time, target areas of concern, desired results, etc). For 2 years I only did “Senior Fit” 3 times a week and Hoe Downs before bed with great results. Yes, even I rediscovered how powerful and true the statement, “Less is More with T-Tapp” really is.

Many people have commented to me on trying T-Tapp the first time that it isn’t “hard”. Me, a 7-year T-Tapp veteran, is huffing and puffing, yet they are breezing along beside me. Can you explain why this is and what happens after doing T-Tapp consistently for a while that would account for the difference?
It’s all about rebuilding better brain-to-body, mind-to-muscle nerve transmission (i.e., neuro-kinetic flow). Greateteresatapppeppersr nerve transmission equals greater muscle activation. Greater muscle activation creates better body alignment and form, all of which equals greater aerobic benefit, higher metabolism and optimal lymphatic function.

I wrote about your explanation of body types on this blog and it got a lot of interest. Do you have anything to add?
Understanding one’s body type really does help a person achieve better results. It’s important to understand your personal “frame” so you can effectively target trim areas of concern.

Which are your favorite success stories?
There are SO many to choose from, and ALL of them touch my heart. But my top 3 would be:

Whenever I can’t sleep, I do Hoe Downs and they work like a charm, even in the middle of the night. I’ve never understood why – can you make a suggestion?
Hoe Downs are the ultimate left brain/right brain, mind-to-muscle, lymphatic pumping exercise that immediately helps “balance imbalance” whether that would be muscle imbalance, blood sugar, digestion, elimination, it’s all in there. In my opinion, it is the ultimate “mini-max move”, it is the most comprehensive, “less-than-3-minute” exercise that really works to help your body help itself!

Over your years of doing T-Tapp, how have your T-Tappers changed?
Initially, I think most T-Tappers came for the “super fat burning inch loss results” because that’s how T-Tapp was promoted in the early years when I was an exercise editor of a national women’s fitness magazine (1997-2000). However, once I created a website with free forums, T-Tappers started sharing personal success stories that included a lot more than faster inch-loss and weight-loss and our customer base exploded with a lot more people looking to improve their health and energy, rehabilitate an “issue”, improve brain fitness and/or achieve better hormone balance.

In addition to having a book published by Ballantine Books (Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes), various national magazine articles and TV appearances over the years, I have to admit that “word of mouth”, internet testimonials and the power of Google has created world-wide growth far beyond my expectations.

What are the prevailing concerns currently among T-Tappers?
I think T-Tappers have a greater desire develop a body with balance – to look and feel their personal best and help others do it too…and enjoy life with vitality.

What health trends have you seen come and go?
I’m happy to see more and more people realize that high intense training can create imbalances and inflammation, both of which can alter immune system health.

What is your favorite part of working with T-Tappers?
Teaching and interacting LIVE!

Tell us about your retreats, what do you enjoy most about them?
Being able to meet everyone in person and watch everyone interact with each other and FEEL the LOVE everyone has for each other …it is AMAZING!

What forms of working out do you do personally?
I have only done T-Tapp workouts for over 30 years.

How often do you do T-Tapp personally?
2 – 3 times a week.

What is your favorite T-Tapp exercise?
Primary Back Stretch, T-Tapp Twist and Hoe Downs

What is your least favorite T-Tapp exercise?
Honestly, I like ALL of them and I’m grateful for each and every one!

Boredom with one exercise routine can set in and trends come and go. How do you maintain your interest in doing your own exercise program?
I rotate between them…I also do them by memory so I can change tempo of various movement sequences.

What do you do besides T-Tapp?
Mow the lawn with a push mower on weekends and pull weeds 🙂 And try to go skiing once a year 🙂

You have a horse and dogs?
One quarter horse, 3 Bichon Frise! 🙂

How does T-Tapp help you look after and enjoy them?
Well…with T-Tapp I can bring all 3 of my dogs to work each day and at my annual fitness retreat and I am able to enjoy quality time with my horse each weekend. I feel blessed to have such unconditional love!

What plans do you have for T-Tapp in 2013? Can we expect any new workouts?
I am excited to finally finish T-Tapp for smart phones, tablets and iPads. I’m also excited about releasing some new Brain-Body Fitness workouts, a workout designed for DeBulking, and a DVD teaching how to use T-Tapp Method with weights.


That certainly answered a few questions for me, how about you? One thing that Teresa has always been clear about is letting the results speak for themselves and has avoided the infomercial route to market her products. If you go to her website, you’ll see lots of success stories and she has even compiled an e-book listing all the winners from her annual 60 Day Challenge.

Teresa also runs special offers on her Deep Discount Tuesdays and a monthly contest to win T-Tapp products. Spend some time on the site, you can even try exercises before you buy (which is how I started.)

Now you’ve read this and got a little (or a lot) of idea about T-Tapp, how do you think it could help you? Tell us in the comments!

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