T-Tapp Workouts: Start Here

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The range of T-Tapp workouts is large and can be overwhelming to a person new to the routines. Below are the workouts that are suitable for those who are newbies. I do all these regularly; The Basic Plus, Step Away The Inches and T-Tapp Core are beginner workout. The Total Workout is for beginners and experienced T-Tappers alike.

Basic Plus: 15 or so minutes long.  Will give you a sense of what T-Tapp is about. Bottom line: Start here if you need a short workout and/or have a limited budget.

Total Workout: 40 – 50 minutes long. The ‘meat and potatoes’ workout around which everything else is based. You don’t need anything else if you buy this one. No matter which DVD you start with, owning this should be your goal. Bottom line: Remember that it is far cheaper than a gym membership and buy it if you can.

Step Away The Inches: Walking workout and one of my favorites. Includes instruction on basic walking stance to be used anywhere, all the time. I now walk the T-Tapp way – I most definitely did not before; no duck feet. Does not go into signature moves but is supplemental to it. Around 20 minutes long. Bottom line: Buy it if you walk a lot outside or on the treadmill or if you like walking workouts.

T-Tapp Core For The Developmental Body: A series of moves originally designed to bring the moves into the classroom and get kids moving. I like this DVD because you can load exercises individually onto your player with or without instruction. Gives good overview of what T-Tapp is about. Bottom line: Good introduction or for a change.

Another workout I hear a lot about but I haven’t tried for myself is T-Tapp More. It’s billed as a workout for people with ‘more candles on the cake,’ more health issues, more to lose. So if that’s you, this might be your workout. There’s also Senior Fit billed as a “special Brain-Body Fitness Workout to help everyone maximize muscle activation, circulation and lymphatic health, regardless of age”.

For more workouts, visit the T-Tapp store.