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Back in March, I got an email from a Paleo/NonPaleo reader as I am wont to do now and again.

Sometimes these emails contain a question, sometimes they are headed, “Please unsubscribe me”, and one particular charmer told me my report, “Ten Tragic Mistakes People Make When Going Paleo” was “absolutely useless”. 🙂

But this particular email was headed, “Thank you Alison :-)”

“Thank you” are two words not spoken enough these days (wait, I feel a post for another day coming on…okay, we can carry on now) so naturally I opened it, and was rewarded to receive these lovely words of encouragement and testimony for T-Tapp from Bethany.

Hey girl!!
I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for posting a blog in Feb (Jan?) about T-Tapping.  I’ve been converting my family to the paleo lifestyle since November so I’m definitely a newbie, but I’ve also been working on a significant weight loss and fitness journey on my own since 2010. 
I’ve managed to drop 60lbs off my 5’3″ frame and was fitting into a size 10 when I saw your post raving about T-Tapp. I had been “stuck” at my weight and inch loss for about 6 months and wondered what else I could do to push myself off the plateau. I hemmed and hawed about ordering as it seemed a bit too good to be true. But on the Deep Discount Tuesday, I took the plunge. 
Well, 4 weeks later I had dropped 17″ doing no more than a 4 day bootcamp and the 15 minute Basic Plus workout every other day. Holy smokes!! That pushed my inch loss over the 40″ mark and I’m still going. 
I’m now in a 6-8 and am loving how great I feel.  I’m not sore when I’m done my workout – even after an hour. 
My family has been watching me in my journey and would love to follow me but say they don’t have the time to fit in running and 60 minute workouts that leave them needing to shower. I have two kids under 5 years old and understand the challenges of balancing the days. 
Well, after seeing my results, both my mom and my sister have ordered, and my mom who was a size 18 is down to a 14 in 3 weeks doing the T-Tapp MORE program. I have also ended up getting four additional friends on board and every single woman is having immediate success. 
I’ve never seen that before – and I work in primary healthcare. 
So thank you. Thank you from all of us for getting the word out about a great program with science that works. We are excited to see healthy bodies surfacing with clear healthy minds going right along with it. 
All the best, Bethany

Any blogger will tell you this kind of feedback makes their day – that you shared something that helped someone improve their life, reach their goals.

I reached out to Bethany to find out more, and she was kind enough to share more of her and her family’s story….

Tell us a bit about your background.

I’m a born and bred Ontarian, just had my 30th birthday. I’m married with two boys aged 5 and nearly 3. I’m a nurse in primary care. I grew up the middle of five active children with an older brother and sister, as well as a younger brother and sister.
I’ve always been exposed to a very healthy diet based on the Canadian food pyramid and tweaked by my parents experience growing up in farming families. My husband’s parents are farmers, as well.
Although that gave me a broad understanding of pesticides, herbicides and the importance of rich soil when growing your food, I was still eating grains, as well as meats. My grandpa used to joke that growing up, I could survive happily on potatoes, tomatoes, bread and milk.

I began my weight loss journey after my second son was five months old. I have previously journaled about it; here is an excerpt from my journal to give you an understanding of where I come from with that part of my life.  

I have been the heaviest sibling of all five children since I hit puberty. I am not that coordinated. My sib’s used to toss things to me just to see me fumble to catch them. I found that as they were active in sports and activities, I was a loner on the sidelines.

I didn’t have the courage to try new things that I might look silly at. I got teased enough. I didn’t want to be teased anymore than necessary.
So, my siblings were biking, skating, soccer, rugby, mountain climbing, etc. and I was learning how to run a house: how to make sure everything shone on the home front; how to make bread from scratch, and cook really delicious exotic food; how to sew and knit; how to be domesticated.

Suffice to say, I was really good at making sure everyone was comfortable, but I wasn’t active. I didn’t go to the park and play Ultimate Frisbee. I stayed home and made lunch for everyone.
I got married (attracting my husband with my domestic wiles – he has a Mennonite mother, very important! :-)) and had my kids. I still struggled with weight issues. After having my first baby, I had thyroid problems and had even more trouble losing the weight.

I also just really didn’t want to put in the effort needed. I wanted to find the magic quick fix, even though I knew it didn’t exist – short of plastic surgery.

After I had my second baby and we went to British Columbia last August for my brother’s wedding, we came home and I was feeling fat. I didn’t like that my mom and I had the same size clothes. I didn’t like that she would say “people our shape”. I didn’t like feeling like I was in the same condition as someone fifty yrs old.

bethany1I saw the pictures of myself at my brother’s wedding. I cried. My baby was only four months old but I had had it. This is me after my first baby was a year.

bethany4And me and my family a mere week and a half before I made my weight loss decision.

I was determined to lose the weight. After all, all four of my siblings are thin, muscular people. I must be able to get that body shape (or close to it) since I come from the same gene pool!!!

I began with buying a book called Eat To Live. I read it and followed it. I drastically changed the diets in my house. I dropped the first fifteen pounds very quickly – within six weeks. Then I hit a bit of a plateau. I realized this would be where I needed to start workbethany3ing at this with actual effort.

I began walking. Putting the boys in the stroller and walking, walking, walking. A few more pounds came off. I needed to up the ante even more, though.

I started monitoring my calories and I downloaded a workout video I was intrigued with (Tracy Anderson). It was for post-pregnancy. I started with that and man, was it HARD!!!

After doing it 4-5 x week for 2 1/2 weeks, I felt I was getting pretty good at it. I could see a difference in my core strength already. I didn’t need to stop and take a break throughout the video anymore so, I moved on to the regular workout.

HOLY SMOKES!!! I was back to struggling with the workout again. But, I knew I could master it if I put in the effort. I worked out 4-5 x week faithfully and continued to eat well.

Over Christmas, I was really good about not going backwards with what I ate and kept going with my workouts even though I really didn’t want to. I wanted to be happy with my body more than eat extra Christmas dinner. The pounds were still coming off, but slower.

I hit my 30lb goal just around the time BeFit (an online encouragement group of women with a penchant for a certain brand of diaper bag) began. I was looking for more motivation. I was beginning to get bored with my routine and I felt that I had hit another plateau.

I found wonderful friends through this group of women who I communicate with on a daily basis. They are super supportive and are a ball to laugh over life with. It makes staying focused and motivated really possible!!

I got ideas on how to change up my routine and how to get my cardio up. I switched up the videos I was doing. Added in a different one and began running. I also began working out 6 x week. The high intensity cardio is what I think has made the biggest difference to my weight loss. I have never been able to run and now I can!!

bethany5Here is me and my boys this Christmas (20lbs in).”

So after all this, how did you get into T-Tapping?
I managed to avoid gaining any weight over the Christmas holidays. That was a huge success for me, but I still didn’t lose any. I was doing workouts ranging from Jillian Michaels, to P90X, to Debbie Seibers, to yoga and Pilates as well as running. None was making a difference in my weight. I was officially on another plateau. 

I read about T-Tapp in your January blog email and got curious. I looked into it and was skeptical. How could it really be that easy?

How long have you been T-Tapping?
I decided to wait until January 19th to order on Deep Discount Tuesday. That allowed me to order the Total Workout System with the fifteen minute Basic Plus Workout and the fifty-five minute Total Workout, as well as the bonuses of the cardio DVD, Step It To The Max, and the activation techniques seminar and the radio interview with Dr.Oz. It also included the Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes book and shipping was free. 

What is your body type?
I’m a short torso/long leg, but stand just 5’3″ and weigh 148lb. When I ordered T-Tapp I was 159lb.

How do you eat?
Lacto-paleo 🙂 I became paleo in November 2012 and found incredible changes to my health – my gut became much more functional, my energy levels increased, endurance came easier and the desire to get more from each hour of the day became much more feasible. I had mental energy again. What I also noted when I decided to become paleo – my weight didn’t budge.
Which T-Tapp routine do you do?
I did the fifteen minute Basic Plus Workout, including a four-day bootcamp (every day for four days), for the first month, and then every other day. No additional workouts.

Now I change up what I’m doing. I start and end the day with body brushing and Primary Back Stretch. Then I do a workout at least every other day and sometimes every day. I do at least the fifteen minute Basic Plus Workout, otherwise I do the Total Workout, one of the cardio workouts, or sometimes I’ll mix it up and do Basic Plus and some extra moves like Awesome Legs, Jog Rocks and Diva Derrière.

I’m also adding in a bit of running here and there now that snow is gone in Southern Ontario and it’s not a mud-fest outside.

How much time do you spend doing T-Tapp?
Anywhere from fifteeen minutes to an hour each day. It depends on whether my day is insane with kids and work and life. 🙂

Which are your favorite exercises?
I love the feeling of Diva Derrière, Tricep and Bicep Curls, Lunges and Oil Wells.

How much inch loss/weight loss have you seen with T-Tapp?
Once I finished the four weeks, I was blown away. In my first four weeks I lost 17 inches. Since then, I’ve lost an additional 3.5 inches. 

What other benefits have you seen with T-Tapp?
Increased energy, flattened abs, lifted behind, and my favourite, the bra fat and batwings are melting!! 🙂

Have you influenced anyone else to get into T-Tapp?
Yes!! My mom is working her way through MORE Rehab and is delighted with the results. She has no personal space in the house to do a workout as she lives in and runs a busy bed and breakfast. The need to be presentable at all times makes fitting a trip to the gym and the shower afterwards time consuming. With T-Tapp, she’s done in fifteen minutes and doesn’t get slick with sweat. She’s seeing great results and loving it.

My older sister is quite trim, but she isn’t feeling strong as a young mom. T-Tapp is giving her the core strength back that she misses from her previously physically active lifestyle.

My little sister is also on board. She’s a new convert to lacto-paleo after she moved into our home while she finishes university. She’s also a fitness nut but has actually cancelled her gym membership after seeing that our home had everything she needs!

In addition, I have four other friends fascinated by the obvious success all four of us girls have been having and have purchased T-Tapp for themselves 🙂
What results have they seen?
Each and every one of them has seen progress. They vary from having just purchased the kit last week to last month and all are enjoying how the feel and the inch loss they’ve all noted.
What do you like most about T-Tapp?
My favourite thing about T-Tapp is that its accessible across the span of life and body shape. It’s do-able for people that are ripped and people that have a long way to go in their fitness journey. It challenges everyone – and it makes a difference to the overall wellness of the individual – from the inside out.

What is the most surprising thing to you about T-Tapp?
The simplicity of the program. The theory behind it is so logical – obvious even. No wonder its taken so long to recognize it! 🙂

What do you think is important for seeing success with T-Tapp?
In order to see success, the individual must devote themselves to the theory behind the program. This doesn’t mean they must forfeit the right to eat a donut and nor do they need to work out for 4 hours 6 days a week. The plan is “more is less” – and it’s true. The properly aligned muscle movements will create change in the body quickly – when done consistently and correctly.

Getting the principles of alignment down is crucial and difficult at first. It takes focus and concentration as well as reintroducing the principles over and over again. But practice makes perfect and if we practice and devote our energy to improving our health, we will succeed.

How would you describe T-Tapp to a newbie?
Low impact, full-fiber muscle activation. Cardio without the jolting, strength training using your own body weight and resistance. Inspiring, encouraging, enlightening.

Who do you think would most benefit from this exercise program?
Honestly? Just about EVERYONE!! Understanding how the principles in the T-Tapp program are incorporated into every movement in your day to day life makes for a drastic change in how your body runs – from changing your posture with a few small tweaks, to changing how you land on your feet when you walk and how you hold your shoulders when you push a grocery cart.

These things, along with eating in a “God-Made/Man-Made” manner (which we personally have adapted to fit our lacto-paleo lifestyle), makes for an incredible change in overall stamina, decreases in pain. Bone-on-bone pain in joints disappears when you use your muscles to alter how you walk.

Upper thoracic back pain decreases as you strengthen the low back and the chest. Hoe-Downs is a signature 3-minute low impact cardio move that Teresa Tapp created that has been proven to reduce blood glucose levels by 62 points on the US scale. That’s huge for a diabetic!! I’ve shared that with a few of them at work and we’ve tested it – its true!! And do they ever feel better after doing them 😉

bethany6What routine would you recommend for a beginner?
Considering that everyone starts out at a different place, I would recommend that they be sure their physician is on board with beginning an exercise routine, and then checking out Teresa’s website. There are guides there to help people decide what to start with and online support if they aren’t sure.

Depending on overall fitness level and additional factors that can impact type of exercise advised like chronic disease, joint or muscle injury, fitness level, BMI etc, the choice of where to start is pretty diverse.

Dig in, delve deep, and discover a whole new you.The you that you knew was in there!!


Me, again.

What I find fascinating about Bethany’s story is that as a nurse, she has seen it all. For Teresa Tapp to say that Hoe Downs causes a drop of 60+ points in blood sugar is one thing, for Bethany to confirm it, is amazing!

And for Bethany to say that T-Tapp provides benefits no matter at what you point you are in your life is true testimony for T-Tapp.

The reason I asked to write up her story was that in her original email to me, she said she’d seen results, “I’ve never seen that before – and I work in primary healthcare.”

Having her view of the world from the middle point of a large family and a knowing and influential point in the health industry, means her comments have weight and legs. Thank you for sharing them, Bethany!

What do you think? Does it sound too good to be true? Do you have a T-Tapp success story? Please tell us in the comments!

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