Do You Need Special Equipment for T-Tapp?

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Clothes. Clothes would be good. If you don’t wear clothes, you might get a different type of workout to the one you were planning. I’m just sayin’. 😉

Apart from that, all you need is your T-Tapp DVD and DVD player. No weights, bands, special equipment. Nothing like that.

Teresa Tapp originally designed the workouts for models on the road. She designed the moves to be completed in a hotel room where there’s only a few feet of space, usually between the bathroom and the bed or the bed and the window (if you move the table. :-))

By working against your own muscle strength, there is no need for extra stuff. And as your muscles get stronger over time, so the workouts get tougher. But because you’re getting tougher at the same time, you barely notice.

What you do notice is the inch loss, your clothes feeling looser, your body moving with more grace and fluidity. You don’t need anything special for T-Tapp. You get something special from T-Tapp. Plus we can all do with less stuff, don’t you agree?