6 Steps to Overcoming Perfectionism

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I had a fun “soul-full” day at the Much More Than A Mom summit today. Watched three of the five presentations. Guess my soul needed some intensive work done, huh?

In previews, Orleatha said that the Soul Day presentations were the most viewed so I guess I’m not the only one.

I think so many of us talk about the “paleo lifestyle” encompassing all aspects of life including play, sleep, connection, etc. but I suspect the reality is that we focus on food and all the rest get a lot less attention.

I know I certainly need to work on playing more. I hardly do any of that. 

Are you a Perfect Patty?

I am.

So I was interested in this talk by Kendall Kendrick on perfectionism. As well as my expectations of myself, as a parent I’ve had to learn to relax my tendency to perfectionism with my kids, too. Not always easy. Especially when you’re around other family members from whom you’ve inherited this trait.

This post is actually a challenge for me in overcoming perfectionism because it is shorter than usual. I’m taking a deep breath and going to accept and let it go….

Kendall Kendrick on Overcoming Perfectionism

1. Blend logic and emotion when making wise-minded decisions. Wise decisions are not make on emotion alone. In order to do that we need to drop judgements, assumptions, mind-reading and any emotions that are lingering.

2. Focus on long-term consequences. This is essential.

3. Examine each emotion separately. Slow down, become aware of whatever experience you are having, let it flow in and out in waves. Don’t hold on to any of it. Notice what you see and what you feel. Remember, thoughts are just thoughts, feelings are just feelings. You don’t need to take action on them.

4. Plan your stress management activities out ahead of time. You don’t have to think about them when you are stressed out. Epsom salt baths, slow breathing, smiling, meditation, watching a show you like are ideas you can follow through on when your emotions are becoming overwhelming.

5. Let go of fighting reality. “The only way out of hell is through radical acceptance”. Acknowledge the reality of your situation without judgement. No-one has it all. Something happened in the feminist movement that led us to believe that women could be wives, mothers, housekeepers, cooks, and businesswomen. This belief has led to a bunch of women who feel they have failed everyone including themselves because they had to choose some aspects of their lives over others.

6. Practice acceptance in all that you do and and all that you are. Women are their own harshest critics. Instead “accept where you are in this moment and honor all that is you.”

Kendall Kendrick is a mom to four girls, voice actor, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, motivational speaker, and host of the show Born Primal: Conversations With the Ancestral Health Community. You can find her at Primal Balance.


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