Paleo Recipes: Deli Rollups

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Fast, fun, kid-friendly finger food. What more could a busy paleo parent ask for? Another winning recipe from Leslie Klenke, author of Paleo Girl.

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10 Power Points On Raising Healthy Strong Primal Girls Every Paleo Mom Should Know

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Have you ever noticed that some parents seem to be whizzes at getting their kids on board with whatever cool agenda they’re into?

Like those families where every kid plays a different instrument, and they all jam together in their spare time. Or the ones who participate in historical reenactments as a family and their children don’t hate them for it. Or… certain families whose kids happily turn down pizza in favor of paleo fare.

What’s the secret? Why do some kids accept their parents’ ‘crazy’ ideas as cool when other parents earn only withering glances for the merest suggestion?

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Paleo Recipes: Lemon Chia Seed Muffins

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What is more cooling and refreshing than lemon?

Lemon provides a tangy bite just perfect for taking the edge off a sweltering hot summer day.

This luscious grain-free lemon muffin recipe is from Jane Barthelemy’s brand new paleo breakfast cookbook, Good Morning Paleo. It offers a delightful twist by substituting one of my favorite paleo ingredients, chia seeds, for the traditional poppy seeds.

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6 Blisteringly Good Paleo Reasons to Get Hot, Sweaty and Naked

I have a sauna in my home.

When I say that, most people think I live in a palace, have a ton of land, marbled floors and a beautiful view. And while it is true I do have a beautiful view, otherwise I have a regular (and rather scruffy) house.

The fact is my sauna is in the garage. It came as a flatpack 5 years ago, took my husband and I two hours to assemble and has been used on an almost daily basis ever since.

I estimate each sweat session has cost us around 75 cents plus a few for electricity. It doesn’t owe us a thing.

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Paleo Recipes: Coconut Butter Dates

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Some foods are titillating, others comfort the soul. A very rare few do both. In my book, coconut butter ranks right up there in that department.

Taken from Louise Hendon’s new e-book, 30-Minute Paleo Dessert Recipes: Simple Gluten-Free and Paleo Desserts for Improved Weight-Loss, this super simple recipe is so much more sophisticated than just eating it off the spoon. Plus it takes just a few minutes to prepare.

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Does Your Poop Stack Up?

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Did you know?

1. There are 7 types of bowel movements and knowing what’s what makes talking to your doctor SO much easier.

2. A perfect poop is based on 4 important criteria.

3. Your bowel movements teach you about your risk of disease.

4. You can tell if you’re constipated simply by what’s left in the toilet.

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50 Pointers On Why Leaky Gut Is The Real Culprit Messing With Your Thyroid

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Butterflies. Aren’t they exquisite?

We are often found talking about the thyroid, also known as the butterfly gland because it is shaped as such.

If you think you have a thyroid problem, thoughts of it fill your days as you wrestle to get it fixed so you can. just. feel. better. already.

Yet, according to so many presenters at the Thyroid Sessions these past two weeks, it is the gut that is the root cause and real problem behind thyroid dysfunction.

Not the thyroid at all.

But guts are messy, ugly things. Even the word is horrid and ugly on the ear. It’s associated with poop, and bacteria and depression and pain. And, if you’re like me, fermented food (ugh).

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Create Your Own DIY Plan to Lower Your Blood Sugar and Reverse Diabetes

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I have been struggling these past few months.

My morning fasting blood sugar has been too high.

Every single morning, it would be at least 95. If I had eaten poorly, it would be over a 100. At my last medical, it was 110!

I knew that was too high, way too high. My doctor said nothing, (although she did tell me that she didn’t care about my zero calcification heart scan and still wanted me on statins for the rest of my life – meh) but I knew I had to get to the bottom of it.

I started experimenting with perfect paleo, imperfect paleo and not paleo at all.

Didn’t make any difference, although sometimes if I had eaten an extraordinary amount of scones, cake and biscuits (happens very occasionally – I’m a Brit after all), it would be lower. Not low enough but lower than usual.

It didn’t make sense.

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6 Steps to Overcoming Perfectionism

I had a fun “soul-full” day at the Much More Than A Mom summit today. Watched three of the five presentations. Guess my soul needed some intensive work done, huh?

In previews, Orleatha said that the Soul Day presentations were the most viewed so I guess I’m not the only one.

I think so many of us talk about the “paleo lifestyle” encompassing all aspects of life including play, sleep, connection, etc. but I suspect the reality is that we focus on food and all the rest get a lot less attention.

I know I certainly need to work on playing more. I hardly do any of that. 

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The Smart Way To Detox And Overhaul Your Health

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Do you ever just like someone? You know, just intuitively?

I felt like that when I listened to Dr. Carolyn Dean’s presentation at the Much More Than A Mom summit. I just liked her.

I have recently got turned on to magnesium and other mineral supplementation and, honestly, it has been amazing experience. My body hasn’t worked this smoothly in a very long time. Things have really kicked up a notch, a bunch of notches. And all I have to do is add it to my drinking water. Plus drink it, of course.

Minerals are Dr. Dean’s tour de force.

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