Paleo Recipes: Grilled Prawns Wrapped in Prosciutto

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This is the second in a series of primal and paleo recipes designed by Pauli Halstead, author of Primal Cuisine: Cooking for the Paleo Diet.

Grilled Prawns Wrapped in Prosciutto
Pauli says: Grilled prawns were always on my catering menu; they always disappeared in a hurry. Nothing could be easier.
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  1. prawns, raw, uncooked
  2. Italian Parma prosciutto slices
  3. sesame oil
  4. black pepper
  1. First, remove the tails from the raw prawns and devein them with a sharp knife. Then cut the thinly sliced prosciutto into one-inch-wide strips.
  2. Wrap a strip around each raw prawn. Lay the prosciutto-wrapped prawns on a sheet pan and brush them with sesame oil.
  3. Grill or broil the prawns until done (when they lose their translucence). Turn them at least once while grilling.
  4. When they come off the grill, give them a couple twists of black pepper.
  1. 2-3 large prawns per person.
  2. You can also wrap spears of asparagus with prosciutto.
  3. Use the same method for grilling or broiling.
  4. Grilled Prawns Wrapped in Prosciutto is from the book, Primal Cuisine: Cooking for the Paleo Diet by Pauli Halstead, available from and Barnes & Noble.
Adapted from Primal Cuisine: Cooking For The Paleo Diet
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pauli halsteadPauli has over 30 years experience in the restaurant and catering business, and her recipes produce dishes that could grace the table of a fine dining establishment, yet are simple to prepare too.
Resolving her health issues though adopting a paleo/Primal diet, Pauli has become passionate about the lifestyle and now brings her extensive experience to bear when creating delicious paleo food. The above recipe is from her book, Primal Cuisine: Cooking for the Paleo Diet, available from and Barnes & Noble. You can find out more about Pauli at her website: Primal Cuisine and on Facebook.

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