10 Things To Do to Get You Back in Your Paleo Groove


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Was it fine while it lasted? The indulgences, the company, the warm and cozy fire? How did you do with exercise? Did you get out and walk, throw a kettlebell around or even follow your usual workout routine?

I wonder how many of us come through the holiday season with our heads held high? Some do I know, while some of us hang our heads and some feel like we could have done better. I’ve certainly done all of those in the past myself.

Wherever you fall on this continuum, don’t sit around any longer, jump to it!  Get your brain and body moving. Shake out the sillies and take a deep breath. It’s a New Year! A time to start afresh, or continue where you left off. Here are 10 Things to Do to Get You Back in the Paleo Groove:

1. Get some fresh air. Go on a good decent hike, push it a little or a lot but get some wind in your hair and blood in your cheeks. Take you family or a friend and get some connecting going on at the same time. A two-for-one New Year deal. 🙂

2. Do some sprinting. Pump legs, heart, lungs. Do whatever is a sprint for you, even if it’s a fast walk. Start where you are and go to the next step. I often go up to our local park to walk around the track. I prefer going out into the woods but with a track I walk the long sides and sprint the short ones. Adds some structure plus I get to keep an eye on the kids while I’m doing it. Another two-fer right there!

3. Plan your meals for the next week. If you’ve got leftovers use ‘em up. Get right back into the normal swing of things – pull out your recipe books and meal planners, even if that’s just a piece of paper and a pen, and work out what you’re going to eat for the next week.

4. Throw out any non-paleo holiday food. Yes, just get rid of it, donate it if you can’t do that.

5. Clean your house. I dunno, there’s something about cleaning and clearing that’s refreshing. It gets rid of the real and metaphorical cobwebs. If you want to start over or get back on track with anything, I find sprucing things up, straightening and tidying to be a good way to begin. January 1st is always the day to put away the decorations in our house, then vacuum up the pine needles and recycle the tree.

6. If you’ve had an exhausting time over the holiday, relax. But go for a gentle walk first. You really can’t go wrong with walking. If in doubt walk, I say. When you get back, put your feet up and do just as you want for an hour.

7. Think about the future. Where do you want to be this time next year? What one step can you take today to get you closer to that vision becoming a reality? Write it down. Flesh the idea out. Identify your step. Go do it.

8. Do something you’ve been procrastinating on. If you feel yourself resisting, blast through that resistance and just do it. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, it can be tiny. Take out the recycling, patch those jeans. Just do something that has been nagging you or sitting there waiting to get done but you’ve been putting it off. The mental warm feeling you’ll get will propel you onwards. If you overcome inertia, momentum will take over. It’s true. And I hated physics as a kid.

9. Consider any paleo faileos you’ve had over the holiday season. Think about what happened, when and why. Then see if you can come up with a strategy for next time you find yourself in a similar situation.

10. Make a resolution. New Years resolutions have fallen out of vogue. It seems that people don’t keep them, so why bother? Well, I say phooey to that. Make a small resolution, one that you can keep for a while, practice daily and do it for as long as you can. When you’re done with it, that’s fine. It’s more than you would have done otherwise and there’s value in that. Give it up and find another one daily practice to pursue. Just don’t make your choices huge, long-term and expensive – that’s asking for trouble.

What do you do to get back in your groove? Tell us in the comments!

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