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When I first heard the subject of Tara Grant’s book, The Hidden Plague: A Field Guide For Surviving and Overcoming Hidradenitis Suppurativa, I didn’t think she’d be getting rich anytime soon.
I mean, I had never heard of Hidradenitis supparativa, had no idea what it was, and I certainly couldn’t spell it.

Who on earth would read a book about it?

But as I read her story, what it was like to have Hidradenitis supparativa, how utterly painful, isolating, and awful it was, and that there was very little support and next-to-no treatment, and no awareness, I realized writing this book to make a few bucks was very, very far from Tara’s mind.

Great legacy 

She has done us all a great service writing The Hidden Plague. In fact, I suspect she will be able to look back on her life and consider it one of her finest achievements. 
Because this book doesn’t just offer hope to Hidradenitis suppurativa sufferers where previously there was none. It doesn’t just offer a treatment plan where previously there were very few options. Nor does it simply educate (although that’s not too shabby an aim, either).
The fact is that this book is for anyone who has autoimmune disease and everyone who knows someone with Hidradenitis supparativa. And that covers just about whole population of the western world.


In the book she has shared her own personal story and those of many others are sprinkled throughout the book.
The stories there, and on her Primalgirl blog, of isolation, lack of hope and shame are painful to read. But to her credit, Tara doesn’t get maudlin or “woe is me”.

That isn’t her style.

For such a complex subject, it an easy read, written in Tara’s “tell-it-like-it-is” personal style. She is an upbeat, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps-and-let’s-get-this-thing-licked kind of gal.
Tara is a journalist and she organizes her book very carefully and logically, laying out the following chapters, and covering just about everything you could possibly think of:
Chapter One: What the Frak Is HS?
Chapter Two: What The Doctors Will Tell You
Chapter Three: Autoimmunity 101
Chapter Four: Follow Your Gut
Chapter Five: The Hormone Connection
Chapter Six: Wound Care
Chapter Seven: Dealing With Stress
Chapter Eight: Phase I: The Elimination Diet
Chapter Nine: Phase II: Reintroduction and Designing Your Personal Ancestral Diet
Chapter Ten: PrimalGirl Recipes
Chapter Twelve: Success Stories
If you had no idea you had Hidradenitis supparativa, you just knew you had an embarrassing, painful problem that doctors couldn’t help you with, you have everything in this book to address the problem. 

You can:

  • Find out what you have, what it is called and why you have it.
  • Become inspired by the success stories.
  • Learn what to do about it, broadly (systemically fix your diet) and specifically (the process, food lists, recipes, topical treatments).

Not just for HS sufferers

However, this book is for anyone who has autoimmune issues because Hidradenitis suppurativa specifics aside, the treatment and recovery process is the same for all autoimmune disease sufferers.
As a doctor once said to me about my personal autoimmune issue (endometriosis),
“Your body has a problem, an overactive immune system, and it is manifesting most obviously in your reproductive system. But it could show itself anywhere in your body because the basic underlying problem is the same.” 

I’m in

And that’s why, although I don’t have Hidradenitis suppurativa (although sometimes I get painful bumps deep under my skin that disappear after a couple of days, kinda like my body changed its’ mind – this book made me go “hmmm” about those, I can tell you), I will be following the process outlined in this book. 
Tara gets down to business and doesn’t mince her words. As a former sufferer and simply dynamite personality, she’s the person to take away the mystique, embarrassment, and downright shame that people with Hidradenitis suppurativa feel. And she does that with this book.

Don’t walk 

If you suffer from Hidradenitis suppurativa, or know someone who does, run to buy this book. Finally, there is hope and the chance of freedom for you. And even if you don’t have it, but have a different manifestation of autoimmune disease, buy it anyway for its’ step-by-step explanation of a paleo autoimmune elimination diet

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I was so keen to get my hands on this book, I bought it with my own hard-earned money from Primal Blueprint. They then sent me a copy, so I have spare one to to giveaway! 

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