More Praise For The Modern No-Nonsense Guide To Paleo

george-bryant“You know, sometimes when I am browsing Amazon, I scroll down to read the reviews and then get turned off by their length and lack of focus on the main point. I will avoid that with this one. As the title implies, Alison has done a superb job of attacking all the sides of Paleo that no one ever talks about. We tell people to do 21 Day Detox’s, Whole 30 programs, Whole life challenges, but when they end they have no idea where to go. Have no fear as that ends here. Bring this book around with you. A Paleo Bible on how to attack Paleo in the real world and win every time.” – George Bryant, Civilized Caveman Creations

“In order to succeed with paleo lifelong, you have to create inner change and this is the only book I’ve read that focuses on that aspect, in addition to providing practical tips. Some books make paleo sound like an easy lifestyle change, but it can often be a struggle, given our toxic food environment and pressures from non-paleo family members, friends, and the work place. Think of it as an emotional support book and a practical toolkit that can be read over and over when we start feeling weak. It’s a valuable part of my expanding paleo library.” – R. Sinha

jason seib, everyday paleo“Alison Golden has you covered in this book, regardless of your current understanding of this thing we call the paleo diet. I’m not quite sure how she did it, but she thought of EVERYTHING! She doesn’t exhaust the reader with extraneous details, but instead gets right down to the brass tax of the things you need to know. From the ‘why’ questions regarding food choices to the ‘how’ questions about what to keep in your kitchen, staying motivated, and avoiding obstacles, this book lays out a clear path before you. Don’t skip this one!” – Jason Seib, Everyday Paleo

modern no nonsense guide to paleo

“I started with Rob Wolfe’s book Paleo Solution and just jumped in with the 30 day challenge. I have been Paleo for a year now and have been part of Alison’s blog for about that long I think so when this book came out I not only got it for my Kindle but I had to have the “real” book too! This is a GREAT book for someone wanting to start Paleo but always saying “I can’t give up this or that”…no excuses…just simple ways to tell you to keep on keepin’ on! Great book! Get started! It will change your life! Thank you so much for this book!!!” – Kathryn Austin

tara grant, primal girlFinally a book about the HOW of Paleo, not the WHAT. I’ve been Paleo for four years now but never realized that I had adopted many of the principals Alison mentions in this book without knowing it — if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been as successful as I have been. Lucky for you, Alison has taken the time to write everything down and explain things to increase your chance of success with the Paleo lifestyle.” – Tara Grant, Primal Girl

modern no nonsense guide to paleo

“Loved this book-full of helpful tips and information for being more successful with the Paleo lifestyle. Everytime I read it, I get something new that I didn’t pick up the first time. Very good investment!” – E. Nipp

pauli halstead, paleo, paleo diet, primal cuisine cooking for the paleo diet“As more and more people adopt the paleo diet, Alison has written the best guide, The Modern No-Nonsense Guide to Paleo, I have ever read to help folks create a sane strategy for unplugging from our toxic food system and transitioning to a life of increased energy and health. I will use her book in the paleo cooking classes I teach.” – Pauli Halstead

“I needed a book like this. I am known in my family as the “pie baker” In the last couple years I have been getting more and more ill. My blood sugar was escalating. This book is not about the recipes. It is about how to change everything you think about food. It was a great boost to get me on track.” – Lynn Weiler

Denise Noone, paleo, paleo diet, irishpaleogirl.blogspot.comThe Modern No-Nonsense Approach To Paleo is a pure gem of a book. Whether you are just considering trying Paleo living, are already started but are in need more information or are a seasoned Paleo follower and on the lookout for new ways to overcome common challenges, this is the ideal book for you!” – Denise Noone, Irish Paleo Girl

modern no nonsense guide to paleo

Katie-Wellness-Mama“What I liked: Alison’s personality really shines through in her writing, and this book is a great read. Having been through it herself, she gives practical tips on changing diet and dealing with a spouse who isn’t on board.” – Katie, Wellness Mama

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Reading The Modern No-Nonsense Guide to Paleo was filled with a bunch of “aha,” “oooh,” and “hmmm” moments for me. I relived many of my own discoveries in Paleo as well as many falls off the wagon that could have been avoided with her advice. But best of all, I picked up many more tips that I will be applying well into the future! Louise, Ancestral Chef

amazon, modern no nonsense guide to paleoWant to make an amazing change to your life and health? The Modern, No-Nonsense Guide to Paleo provides practical tools to ease the transition to a full-on paleo life. Each chapter includes strategies, tips and checklists to identify the actions to power you on your paleo journey and create sustainable change. Buy it at