23 Pointers To Reversing Your Diabetes (Or Avoiding It In The First Place)


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In a week full of summits and awesome information, I’m studying for my Dip.D. That’s my diploma in diabetes. I’m bringing two presentations from the Reversing Diabetes World Summit 2014 to my blog which means getting up early, powering up my laptop and soaking up all the great information the experts are presenting.

Today, I chose Dr. Josh Axe’s presentation, Reversing Type 2 Diabetes with an Optimal Diet and Lifestyle. Dr. Axe was voted one of Nashville Magazine’s 25 Most Beautiful People but that’s not why I chose him. 

Because I thought you might like it…

I chose his presentation because I thought it most relevant to you, your family, your extended family and friends.

*Please share this information with them because there’s someone in your life who is suffering from diabetes. I guarantee it. There are buttons at the end and to your left to help you do so.*

Over the course of the presentation, I took pages and pages of notes. I did my best to get everything down. However, I may have missed something. Dr. Axe’s presentation is available for FREE for 24 hours from 10am EST Monday May 5th. Obviously I can’t convey everything I learn at the summit here on the blog but you can gain your own access to all the presentations and lots of other goodies by getting an all-access pass to the Reversing Diabetes World Summit 2014.)

Here is what Dr. Axe had to say. 

1. There has been a 3-fold increase in diabetes in recent years, with exceptional growth in the diagnosis of diabetes in children.

2. Type 1 diabetes is when the pancreas becomes unable to produce insulin. Type 2 diabetes is when the pancreas is well able to produce insulin but the insulin receptors of cells are burnt out and not functioning properly. 

3. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form. 90% of people who have diabetes, have Type 2. 

4. Type 1 causes include a genetic component, viruses, and an immune system that has become overactive due to reactions to GMO’s, heavy metals, vaccinations, wheat, dairy, soy, food allergies, particles circulating in the body resulting from leaky gut. 

5. Type 2 diabetes is caused in the cases of most people by eating too many carbohydrates and sugar and a lack of exercise.

6. Type 2 diabetes is reversible. 50-60% of Dr. Axe’s patients have reversed diabetes in 30 days. Type 1 is not, although it is possible to manage it so that less intervention is necessary.

7. If you have a fasting blood sugar level of 125-130+ or an A1C level of >6.5, you will be diagnosed with diabetes. If you follow a natural methods program as described by Dr. Axe, and subsequently get an A1c of <5.5 or and a fasting blood sugar level of <100, you can consider your diabetes reversed. However, that doesn’t mean you can just go back to a high sugar/carb/sedendary lifestyle but you can continue to control it and keep your sugars within range without medication.

8. Another factor that Dr. Axe sees as largely contributing to diabetes is emotional stress. Lack of sleep, traveling, sleeping in hotels, early wake up calls, family problems, work issues, etc., etc. Stress is the often overlooked as a contributing factor for diabetes.

9. The general program for reversing diabetes centers around, first, removing sugar from the diet. It is then necessary to add in healthy fats, protein and fibre in order to balance blood sugar and slow down the absorption of glucose. Supplementation and exercise will also help.

10. Sugar is the main culprit when it comes to causing diabetes. That is followed by those foods that disrupt intestinal health, causing inflammation and immune reactions – unsprouted grains, especially gluten and casein found in cows milk. Switch cows milk and cheese for goats milk and raw goat or sheep cheese.

11. Broccoli is a superfood when it comes to managing diabetes through diet. It has chromium which contains trace mineral glucose tolerance factor (GTF) which helps balance blood sugar. 

12. Other superfoods include raw cheese, grass-fed beef, vegetables, avocados, nuts and seeds – specifically chia, hemp, and flax seeds. Nut fibre helps slow down blood glucose absorption. Coconut oil and products are excellent and wild-caught salmon is high in omega-3’s and protein. The omega-3’s help with inflammation so take a good quality fish oil. Foods with a low glycemic load are good including those already mentioned, olives, and raw, pastured goats milk products.


13. Cinnamon, turmeric and parsley are herbs and spices that are medically proven to be good for diabetes. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon to a smoothie, mix turmeric into burger meat, and put parsley on a salad.

14. While fruit is generally helpful for those who are not diabetic, fruit does not have a place in a diet for those who looking to reverse it. The only exception is the occasional half a cup of berries a day. Once the diabetes is managed, it is possible to add fruit back into the diet in a controlled, minimal way, but make sure you eat it early in the day, around exercise, or eaten along with plenty of protein fat and fiber.

15. Coffee does more harm than good and is not recommended. 90% of the coffee drunk is highly processed and has been sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals. It is a stimulant so it depletes your body of minerals that it needs. Tea is better, especially tulsi, tea.

16. Alcohol is not recommended.

17. Detoxes are useful but not necessary during the first 30 days. Cleanses and intermittent fasting are helpful but not the first line of attack. Sugar detoxes are good, but a juice fast will not help your blood sugar. Instead, consider milk thistle. Milk thistle is a supplement that supports glutathione levels, helping the liver to detox. It is preferable to take that instead of a detox.

18. In summary: remove sugar, carbohydrates, foods with a high glycemic load, cow’s milk products, alcohol, caffeine, fruit. Add dense nutrient foods – organic, grass-fed meats, wild-caught fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, avocados, healthy fats especially coconut oil and products, goats and sheep milk products, vegetables.

19. Suggested supplements, in addition to milk thistle, include chromium, cinnamon, fish oil, alpha lipoic acid (ALA), fiber supplement such as sprouted chia or flax seed, magnesium, rhodiola, bitter melon. However, you should only use these to supplement an already healthy diet.

20. Dr. Axe is a fan of what he calls “Burst Training”, a form of low impact, high intensity interval training. It has been shown that HIIT is best for balancing blood sugar and burning fat. However, it can be hard on the joints if you are doing high impact exercise such as sprinting or jumping. Forty seconds of exercise (push-ups, sit ups, pull-ups, for example) followed by 20 seconds of complete rest are a typical repetition completed multiple times. It is suitable for anyone but especially suited to diabetics, very heavy people, and those who have had joint replacement surgery. 

21. Dr. Axe is not a fan of protein powders in general. They are hard on the digestive tract. 80% of them do more harm than good. Grass-fed whey, goats milk, or sprouted brown rice protein powder (in that order) are best. 

22. He suggests to incorporate any of these latter powders in a morning smoothie along with coconut milk, sprouted chia or flax seeds and a teaspoon of cinnamon. 

23. Hydrogenated oils such as canola oil, soy bean, cotton seed, and vegetable oil cause intestinal inflammation. Coconut oil is best because it is the easiest oil for the body to turn into energy. Second favorite is pastured, raw butter and then extra virgin olive oil. 

24. It is only a 3-step process to convert coconut oil into energy. The same process with olive oil is takes 26 steps. 

25. Dr. Axe’s website is http://draxe.com. There you can sign up to get his book, Superfoods, Super You, a weight loss and diabetes support plan that includes both an exercise plan and food plan. You can also get his article, How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally In 30 Days Or Less. You can find information on “burst training” exercise at http://burstfit.com.

And there you have it! The ability to reverse and prevent diabetes is just at your fingertips. Use your fingers to learn, and act. Don’t end up using them to test your sugars. For more diabetes information, attend the online Reversing Diabetes World Summit website where presentations are FREE for 24 hours.

In 2008 Dr. Axe founded Exodus Health Center and it quickly grew to one of the largest wellness clinics in the United States. He has authored 3 books, The Real Food Diet Cookbook, Superfood Super You, and most recently The Dr. Axe Detox.  In 2009, he began working with the Wellness Advisory Council and the University of Michigan Swim Team. He worked with professional swimmers including Ryan Lochte and Peter Vanderkaay providing nutritional advice and musculoskeletal work on the athletes to increase their performance. He also traveled to the 2012 Games in London to work with USA athletes. Draxe.com has over 250,000 monthly visitors, where the main topics include nutrition, fitness, healthy recipes and current health news.

He is co-founder of the BurstFIT interval training program that is known as one of the fastest and most effective ways to burn body-fat.  He has been featured on NBC and FOX and hosts a regular program on CBS Nashville. Dr. Axe earned his doctorate in Chiropractic at Palmer College.  Dr. Axe is also a Clinical Nutritionist and earned his C.N.S. as a certified nutrition specialist from the American College of Nutrition.

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