3 Tools To Make Sure You Save Money, Save Time, Stress Less in 2014

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3 Tools To Make Sure You Save Money, Save Time, Stress Less in 2014

The New Year, New You/Harvest Your Health book bundle ends today and I don’t want you to miss out on some fabulous juicy stuff that is contained within it.

I’ve read all the 50-odd books contained in this bundle and been reviewing my favorites. You can read my previous reviews by clicking on the links below:

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Today it is the turn of tightwaddery, de-cluttering and gardening for newbies. I chose these because they are personally fascinating to me and because I think they are written to a very high standard. And as they cost cents in the dollar and just one of them will save you the price of the bundle, I wanted to let you know.

Please find reviews of three books on how to save money while living paleo, decluttering your life and, for the complete newbie who knows nothing about gardening and doesn’t know where to start, apartment gardening. The sale ends today at midnight, so if you’re at all interested, please don’t delay. Click through here to go to the book bundle site.

Save money 

Okay, so I know all about this. I grew up in a family where my mother was big, no HUGE, on tightwaddery.

One leg laddered in her nylons? No problem, cut the laddered leg off and pair the good one up with another in a similar state. (This, I learned had the added benefit of two top supports holding in my tummy.)

Last piece of soap? Save it. Get some foam, cut out two rectangles, sew them together, stick the soap end along with others you saved earlier inside and seal. Use it in the shower until it runs out of soap or the foams disintegrates whichever comes first.

Ah yes, I know about this. At least I thought I did….until I read Primal Tightwad.


Paleo often gets a bad name because it is considered expensive and therefore elitist. There are various counters to this, such as “you can pay the farmer or the pharmacist” but none go as far as the ideas in this book.

Carolyn Rush, the author of Primal Tightwad knows her stuff. The information you will learn in this book will pay for the entire book bundle of which it is a part in one stroke. So basically it is free. 

Carolyn starts off by giving you the big picture – by examining the way we unconsciously measure our expenditure and waste money and what we can do save it, often by changing our perspective.

Then she gets into the nitty gritty: tools you’ll need and compares conventional and primal ways of eating from a cost perspective. 

Author a master at tightwaddery

There’s advice on shopping, where to get your food, storing and preserving food so you can get the best deals as they happen and then keep the food fresh. Heck, she even gives you tips on which vegetables to buy at the right moment for maximum longevity. Man, she seriously knows her stuff.

There are chapters for maximizing your money on the road and dining out. Carolyn gives advice on how to make your money go further by making smart investments in equipment and tools as well as making good choices on where, how and what to buy.

And then she has advice on cooking, affordable, nutritious dishes.

I liked that she understood that changing the way you eat involved a massive transition and that this doesn’t often happen overnight. And, naturally, she has advice and comforting words for that: take it at your own pace, changing two habits at a time.

Finally are recipes for the basics of many a home chef – broth, spice blends, sides like cauliflower rice – mixtures and foods that make the main go further and add variety. She even has a table for making up your own flavor profiles.

Basically she is providing you with everything you need to make your food money stretch as far as possible with as little effort as possible and as much flavor as possible. Like I said, this book pays for all the other 50 books in this bundle.

simple livingStress less

OMG, I loved this. Simple Living is more than a book about clearing clutter, minimalism and getting unnecessary “stuff” out of your life. It is a course you can follow for thirty days.

If you don’t know, for nearly 700 days now, I’ve had a blog called Clutter365. It started out as an accountability project where I would throw one item of clutter out every day, photograph it and load it up to a blog. My plan was to do it for a year.

But after a year, I turned round and realized I’d achieved more in that year than I had in several years previously, and that I was really upgrading my life, so I continued.

I plan to stop at 1,000 days but it has been a fantastic discipline and I’ve reaped enormous rewards. What’s more my whole family, sort of by osmosis, has got into the act. Now their things mysteriously appear in our “clutter pile” at regular intervals. Cool.

I’m a total believer in the philosophy “tidy desk, tidy mind” and so this book really spoke to me.

More than a book

Each day for thirty days there are simple tasks to do to work on removing clutter from your life. Things like: clear out the fridge, make a list of people you’d like to know better and contact them, tackle your email in-box. Little things, but things that if kept clean and clear with consistency add energy to your life and enable you to do your best work.

There are many tips along the way, and opportunities to go further with every day’s task. If you’re a clutter-nerd like me, you’ll read this just for pleasure; if you need to get on top of “stuff”, here’s a plan for you to follow.

Whichever type you are, take it from me, whatever you need to do right now in your life that you’re avoiding, go clear some clutter first. Just for a minute.

A perfect way to start 2014

Clutter clearing builds on itself, creating energy while procrastination melts away. The reason this book is helpful is that it takes this concept further, make what is possibly unmanageable, manageable and doable. It gives you the tools and the method to deal with all the stuff that is dragging you down and causing you stress.

I know personally that if you get your life in order, great things happen, so a course like this that takes you through the process is worth its weight in gold.

apartment  gardenWant to “grow your own” but don’t know where to start? 

My third pick for today from this bundle: Apartment Gardening!

I don’t live in an apartment but I don’t have much ground as I live on the crest of a ridge. I still want to be able to grow my own vegetables but with a very small space of usable ground and a deck.

As such, this book was an excellent tutorial in what is possible in a small space. Or simply for those who are overwhelmed at the prospect of urban homesteading.

Finding a twin

I completely identified with the author, Jami Balmet, who wanted to grow more vegetables but felt completely overwhelmed.

“But when I decided I wanted to garden, I didn’t know anything so I had to start from scratch. I spent many hours researching and trying to figure out how to even start. I felt overwhelmed by the language and what do to first. So my goal in this eBook is to get you started. I want to give you the tools you need to start gardening. I didn’t know where to start or even what questions to ask first.”

This is exactly where I am at, and if you are too, this is a great little book for you. 

apartchildEverything you need to know

Jami takes us through everything from what to plant, when to plant, how to plant, composting, harvesting, preserving. Everything you need to know to get you started and all the way along.

She has really done her homework, and completely demystifies a process for a townie like me who just looks around in awe at her friends’ urban homesteads with their flourishing yard, bountiful crops and chicken coops.

All in one little book, there is everything you need. Jam-packed with awesome information that Jami has learned the hard way by researching over and over, is all here for you. Why wait?!

**Note: All these books are part of the seriously CRAZY Harvest Your Health Winter Sale going on for the next 2 days only.

The bundle deal includes:

  • 52 ebooks
  • 23 discounts
  • 5 meal plans
  • 3 ONLINE magazine subscriptions
  • 1 month to an ONLINE fitness plan (1 month for 1 penny)
  • 1 private kitchen community membership
  • $887 value when you add up the cost of all the products

All this for just $39.

—> Grab your bundle deal here <— Ends tonight, January 6th!

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Alison Golden writes on the topic of paleo over at Paleo/NonPaleo. She aims to share ideas, inspire and motivate readers by teaching them how to live paleo in a non-paleo world. She is also the author of the bestselling book, The Modern, No-Nonsense Guide to Paleo, a unique tool that gives the reader hundreds of strategies to navigate the learning process to successful paleo living.

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