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My name is Alison Golden, a paleo, clutter-averse writer, blogger, life coach, T-Tapper, Brit, California resident, apparently conventional mom of twin boys who is, in fact, a superhero. 🙂

I’m also the author of The Modern, No-Nonsense Guide to Paleo, a book I wrote to address the “how of paleo”.

I have been examining the connection between food and behavior for six years now after noticing how ingestion of certain foods would change my then-6-year-old’s personality dramatically (and horribly.) As I worked to recover him, I realized how foods affected me, too.

It cast new light on my life experience and that of my family (I have diabetes on both sides of my family as do my children) and I became zealous about the relationship between our diet and our physical, and mental, health.

Over time, I have recovered from major hormonal imbalance, endometriosis, fatigue and pain. I ate a strict autoimmune paleo, around a level of 98% at first, but have now been able to scale back to around 90-95%. ‘Meat and veg” is my mantra. Meat and veg.

I went paleo in October 2010 and knew no-one in real life who ate like I did until Christmas 2011 when my husband hopped on board with a vengeance. During that time of going it alone, I got on wagons, fell off them, took vacations and wrestled demons (and not in a paleo way. ;-))

I took heat, ridicule and passive-aggressive behavior on a weekly and sometimes daily basis from those who thought I was ruining my health or were otherwise bothered by my eating habits. I still don’t know many people in real life besides my husband who eats the way I do.

It was after writing this post and getting a phenomenal response, I decided to start a blog for paleo people who find themselves in the position I was in.

I have a degree in Organizational Behavior (btw, your family is an organization like any other) and have spent years in sales, marketing and change management observing how we humans tick. This experience helped me as I gathered many, many strategies to cope with my paleo isolation and keep on track.

I wrote The Modern, No-Nonsense Guide to Paleo as a result of my learning and wanting to share paleo success strategies after I asked my Facebook page, “What are you struggling with right now?” and got many, many responses.

The Modern, No-Nonsense Guide to Paleo became an Amazon bestseller on the day it launched and Paleo/NonPaleo was nominated as a “Health and Fitness Blog You Should Be Reading” by Mark Sisson over at Marks Daily Apple.

I hope to share my ideas, teach a little and offer some thoughts on how to manage this ‘weird’ way of eating.

Let’s strengthen our relationships, respect our differences, achieve our goals.

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