The Ultimate Secret (and Sometimes Not-So Secret) Paleo Holiday Gift-Giving Guide


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How far do we push paleo on those around us? It’s a challenge we often have to grapple with. And holiday time is no different. No different at all…

I advocate keeping quiet about our paleo preferences pretty much – respond to those genuine inquiries but keep it short and simple in the main.

But at holiday time, don’t we want to feel we’re giving gifts that align with our values – to live a healthy, vibrant, fulfilling life? How can we bridge the gap between paleo and non-paleo viewpoints at this time?

As someone who still (sigh) knows no-one in real life who is paleo, I’ve come up with a list of paleo gifts for our nearest, dearest and perhaps quite farthest. Some scream paleo, others not so much. You decide what, for whom and how far paleo you go – while still holding your paleo head up high. Something for everyone with a slice of bacon on top. πŸ™‚



Paleo Gifts For Your Favorite Readers, Even Those Who Think Paleo is a Mystery

No-one can resist a new book. My mom’s getting Practical Paleo for Christmas – I think it’s a great book: comprehensive, attractive and straightforward for the non-scientist. If I had to choose a word to describe it, I’d say “non-threatening” which is perfect for many of our loved ones. Other new books out recently:


Books for those new, but open, to paleo …


And not forgetting, the classics…





For Paleo (Or Not Quite There But You’re Working On It) Kids

Books: I wish these books had been out when mine were younger. I think they should be in every paleo family library: Paleo Pals and Eat Like a Dinosaur. Now someone, please, create a paleo themed family board game!


Kids Themed Thermos: Thermos are essential for ‘grab and go’ paleo school lunches, IMO. Leftovers taste great and are so easy for mom. Ours are used daily and have stood the test of two years so far. I like the short, chunky ones because they are easy for the kids to undo and fit in their lunch bags just fine.


Planet Box Lunchbox: If you prefer to prepare a cold lunch I do like these lunchboxes. They look cool and are non-toxic plus I like the fun elements of magnets and planet themes. They are pricey but if you have a kid that is careful with their lunches and doesn’t lose their boxes on a near-monthly basis like mine used to, I think they are vastly superior to plastic lunchboxes.  


Just Dance: Have you ever tried any of these Wii dance “games”? Man, they are a serious cardio workout as well as great for your coordination. Fun for everyone, especially those of us who fancy ourselves as dancers and great for the kids especially those whose exercise extends to not much more than working out their thumbs.


Cave Kids CD: Have you listened to this? It’s very cool. Aimed at the younger crowd, it’s a great way to introduce them to paleo via music and an awesome accompaniment to both the books. Imagine – a kids paleo gift basket, containing the music, the books, a lunchbox and some treats. πŸ™‚


For the Exercise Bunny, Paleo or Otherwise

T-Tapp DVDs: My workout of choice: great exercise, you can do it at home, fifteen minutes a day, a great amount of bang for your buck. For a beginner, try Basic Workout Plus; for someone with more health issues and more candles on the cake, buy T-Tapp MORE; T-Tapp Total Workout for the regular exercise enthusiast; and T-Tapp Core for the kids.


Pull-Up Bar: I have one of these in my kitchen and they are awesome for pull-ups or just hanging. I like it in the kitchen because while I’m waiting for something on the stove, I can get some exercise in. Be a love and show how you’re a gift-giving star by assembling it prior to wrapping.


Kettlebell: I love this exercise toy and it added a significant amount of strength to my upper body which tends to thin and puny. Mine is parked in my bedroom so that I often spontaneously pick it up and use it as I walk by (with proper form of course!) It comes with a training video (and motivating music) which will teach you the basics in 30 minutes and as someone who used to lift heavy things – 2 x 20lb babies – this has done a great job of getting back the smooth, strong back I used to have back then.


Vibrams: People either love them or hate them – there seems no in-between. They’re a great conversation starter and kids adore them – they’ll be begging you to take them off so they can try them. Your recipient will either kiss you or stare at you like you’re crazy so check out their views before you purchase them.



For a Paleo (Or Not) Chef Extraordinaire

Along with a recipe book or two, consider:

Crockpot: I know I go on and on about this but if you haven’t yet got a crockpot – what are you waiting for? This is the one I have and I love it. It’s better than others I’ve used because it has a glass lid so I can see inside (more important than you might think!) and I can set it to turn off when it’s done. I have a crazy hectic schedule and I literally wouldn’t be able to do all the fun and community work I do without this cooking tool. Anyone, paleo or not, would love this tool.


Vitamix: I have lusted after one of these for years. No-one, but no-one, has ever a bad word to say about them. Yes, they’re pricey but if you know someone into cooking, smoothies, juicing, or who needs some incentive to get their veggies on and needs something to make it easy, you can’t beat a Vitamix. Or put one on your own wishlist. πŸ™‚


Food Processor: Another kitchen essential for anyone and everyone. And if you don’t have a food processor, man, you’re doing paleo with one hand behind your back. You gotta have one! This is the one that replaced the model I have (mine’s 9 years old and still going strong) and life would be much, much harder without it.


For the Paleo Nerd (that would be me :-))

Standing Desktops: Swoon. I want one of these. So do many others judging by the fact that Ergo Desktop are experiencing record sales. If you want one of these delivered in time for the holidays, don’t delay. Ergo Desktop is pictured or there’s a cheaper alternative.



Primal Blueprint Journal: Once we’ve got the paleo/primal guidelines down, many of us still have to refine and tweak further. This journal allows you to do that. It takes you through the n=1 process so that you can scientifically test and evaluate your own personal hypotheses. And it gives you nudges in the pages to go incorporate other aspects of paleo living that often get forgotten about – like play, sleep and get outside. If someone you love has a penchant for self experimentation, body hacking or is trying to get to the bottom of a health issue, you would do well to get them one of these.


Squatty Potty: Talking of bottoms…I haven’t got one of these nor have I used one. But I want one. And there might be someone in your life who needs one. You might want to prepare Aunt Cissie for what’s inside the gift-wrap but if you’re giving it to your brother, hmm…nah. πŸ™‚


Flexible And Universally Acceptable Gifts For Paleos and Non-Paleos Alike

Perfectly acceptable for non-paleo peeps while still allowing yourself to hold your head up high. Paleo by stealth…



What gifts do you plan on giving this holiday? Please give us your great ideas in the comments!

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